Three Sounds You Never Want to Hear from Your Garage Door

If working correctly, you should barely ever know that your garage door is even there. Apart from regular maintenance and periodic service calls, your garage door should be silent, effective, and consistent.

However, if you open the door and hear one of the sounds listed below, you might need to call a technician to perform some garage door repairs. While it may be annoying at first, these sounds, if left to themselves, can create major problems with your garage door, including a possible replacement.


A screeching, metal-on-metal sound is never good. It could be related to the opener (especially if you have a chain opener), or it could be the tracks on the door itself that have lost the rubber bearings and are scratching on the tracks. Alternatively, your track could be out of alignment in a certain spot, which means the side of the rollers is digging into the tracks and causing structural damage. You need to hire a garage door repair service to take a look at this, otherwise, you might end up having to replace the tracks and the rollers prematurely.


If you hear a clinking sound coming from your garage door as it's opened, look first at your springs. But whatever you do, do not attempt to fix these on your own. Garage door springs are under a remarkable amount of tension and can break at any moment. They could injure you and anyone else that happens to be standing nearby. Over time though, these springs will begin to wear down; one of the many garage door repairs that should be performed is tightening them back up. This requires specialized tools and experience to handle, so make you call a professional to have it done.


You'll most likely see a thumping sound at the same time that you hear a thumping sound because a thump usually means that the garage door is crashing on the floor when it closes. This could be due to a broken spring, or it could be your opener that has given out. While replacing the opener isn't a big deal, the springs pose a new set of challenges. Moreover, garage doors themselves can be very dangerous to work on. It's better to hire a company that handles garage door repairs than to try and fix them yourself, especially if the door won't stay in the open position to begin with.

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