3 Times You Need An Emergency Garage Door Repair

Many garage door problems aren't urgent. You can wait for a repair. However, there are times when you need to call out a technician fast. When do you need an emergency garage door repair? 

1. Your Door Won't Close

Garage doors sometimes get stuck in an open position. For example, a door might not close fully if its frame or a roller is bent out of shape. It might close part of the way but then jam when it reaches the damaged area. Sometimes, a garage door won't close at all. Its motor might stop working or a spring might lock. 

While your door has a manual override cord that should allow you to shut it, these systems sometimes also fail. If your override doesn't work either, then you can't close your door. Even if your system works, you won't be able to close a door that is bent or that has a misaligned track or roller.

An open door is a security risk. People can simply walk into your garage and steal anything in there. If the garage is attached to your home, then they might also be able to break in more easily. An emergency repair service will help make your garage and home secure again.

2. Your Car Is Stuck in Your Garage

Garage doors also sometimes jam shut. If a spring snaps, then it can't operate the door. The door also won't move if it comes off its tracks or has a broken remote control or motor. While this might not be a problem if your car is in your driveway, it's a real headache if it is in the garage. You might be in a rush to get to work or to an important appointment, but you have no transportation. An emergency call will get you on the road again fast.

3. Your Sensors Aren't Working

Garage doors have safety sensors. These sensors take control of a door when they detect an obstruction. For example, if you accidentally try to close your garage door when your car is still under it, your sensors will detect the obstruction and shut the door down before it hits your vehicle.

If sensors fail, then you lose an important safety feature. Sensors don't just prevent damage to cars; they also protect people who might be standing in the door's path. If your sensors fail, then they could allow the door to open and close randomly. The door could fall on someone and cause a serious injury. An emergency repair will make your door safe again.

To learn more, contact an emergency garage door repair company.