Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door Coils? 3 Things You Should Know

If you think about how often you raise and lower your garage door, you will realize that it's among the most hardworking parts of your home. In fact, many homeowners use it as their main door. While these entryways are built to last years, heavy lifting can cause wear and tear. The frequent movement can break down the moving parts, and there is a possibility your coils may be the first to go. When this happens, you will need to call a repair expert for help. But how can you determine that your coils are malfunctioning and need to be replaced? Keep reading to learn some of the things you should watch out for.

1. Does Your Garage Door Feel Heavier Than Usual?

If you have recently noticed that your door feels heavier as you operate it, there's a good chance the coils are the issue. Normally, the torsion coils of your garage entryway support all the weight. Therefore, when they break, the door becomes heavier. You will also discover that hoisting it is more difficult than before. If this is the case, then the coils should be checked and replaced by a specialist.

2. Is Your Door Making Excessive Squeaking Noise?

If your garage door is making an excessive squeaking sound when operating, then there is an issue with your coils. Although it's normal for the door to squeak, the excessive squeaking is a warning sign that your coils are broken. You can try lubricating them, but if they're already broken, the noise will persist. At this point, you should get in touch with a garage door professional technician to replace the coils for you. 

3. Does The Door Appear Uneven?

If your garage door appears uneven, then the extension coils have failed. These coils rarely break, but it doesn't mean they're not prone to failure. They're configured in a way that you can visually inspect for gaps. If you see a gap between the coils, then the steel is damaged, and your door will not produce the tension it needs to operate normally and safely. You should also check for signs of rust or damage. If so, then you should have the extension coil replaced by an expert. 

If you notice any of the warning signs highlighted above, you should engage a garage door repair professional to inspect as well as replace the coils for you. Operating your door with broken or damaged coils is too risky for yourself, your personal property, and other home occupants.

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