Which Garage Door Faults Need A Garage Door Repair Service?

Your garage doors won't move an inch despite your best efforts at pushing or pulling. What do you do? Garage doors are heavy and intimidating, so it is likely you will be at a loss of what action to take. Garage door experts advise on one thing. You shouldn't try DIY repairs. Your personal safety could be at risk. The prudent thing is to call a competent garage door repair service to diagnose and fix the problem. Here are major problems that will require the attention of the professionals.

Faulty Door Springs

Two high-tension springs help the garage door mechanism of rising and falling on the side of each door. These springs are wound up tight and under very high tension. Garage door springs are a counterweight to garage doors, which weigh several hundred pounds. The thousands of open and shut cycles will make the spring wear out over time, just like the shock absorbers in your car. These springs often fail when the door is in motion. You will hear a loud noise as the spring breaks. Do not attempt to deal with this problem. Engage a garage repair service to handle it.

Damaged and Bent Doors

One common accident is ramming or reversing into partially opened garage doors. When hit hard, the door will malfunction because bending at the center will remove it from its tracks. You will need a garage door repair service to remove the doors and panel beat them into shape again.

Misaligned Door Tracks

Garage door tracks ensure smooth door movement by guiding them in a channel. These tracks can become misaligned when the door panel warps or becomes bowed. Warping happens if there is an inadequate allowance for expansion. In hot weather, the track edges push against the floor and bend slightly. Misalignment can also happen when the doors are hit by a heavy object, usually by the car getting in or out of the garage. You cannot track repair DIY style. First, you do not have the necessary tools. Second, it requires handling the dangerous garage door springs. Let a garage door repair service realign the tracks.

Your garage doors will need major repairs at one point or another. Do not put your personal safety at risk attempting a job you are ill-equipped to handle. Call garage door repair experts to handle the problem. They have the skills, experience, and tools to handle the job properly.

For more information, contact a garage door repair service.