Need To Repair Your Garage Door Spring? Here Are Reasons Not To DIY

Faulty garage door springs cause several problems that must be rectified to restore the door's functionality. For instance, it might be difficult to lower or raise the garage door, or you could be locked out completely. Also, the spring may make unpleasant noises when you operate the door. All these are signs that the springs are broken and need to be repaired or replaced. If you are an excellent DIYer, you might decide to handle the garage door spring repair work on your own, but this isn't advisable. Many factors are considered to perform the task correctly, and special skills and tools are needed. That's why it's better to hire a garage door contractor instead. This post will share the top reasons why DIY isn't recommended.

You'll Repair the Door Wrong

Although you might watch many how-to videos online on fixing a damaged garage door spring, the repair work will not be simple. Other than following the outlined procedures, you will have to consider factors like the weight of the door and equipment used. If you misuse the equipment, skip a step, or miscalculate anything, the repairs will not hold. Besides, you may damage the spring further, leading to a replacement. It's easier to allow a technician to do the job since they are more skilled and experienced.

You Could Get the Wrong Spring

You will need a new spring if the old one is damaged beyond repair. Selecting a garage door spring isn't easy because springs are different. Even measuring the old spring's length isn't enough to help you get a suitable replacement. Installing the wrong spring also causes more damage, which increases repair costs. It's better to let professionals buy the springs because they'll know the correct measurements after checking the door. Some factors they consider include the spring's length and diameter and its strength and weight capacity.

You'll Risk Getting Injured

Garage door spring repair work can be risky if you lack proficiency. When the spring is broken, it's still under a certain amount of tension. If you remove it carelessly or misuse the tools, you'll release tension which may cause bodily harm. Some people have hurt their fingers or toes after uncoiling springs wrong. Broken spring parts also cause property damage, so it's safer to assign the task to professionals.

While it might be tempting to repair or replace your garage door springs, you should avoid the task at all costs. Instead, contact door repair services near you. They can provide more information regarding garage door repair.