4 Reasons Your Garage Door Could Go Off the Tracks and What to Do

The garage door is an essential fixture in the home. A functional door protects your cars, the house, and its belongings. It also seals the heat inside the home and helps maintain indoor energy efficiency. However, you open the door countless times a year. As a result, the door undergoes casual wear and tear. One door problem is when it goes off the tracks. Here are the four common reasons why the door might go off the tracks.

When You Hit the Door Repeatedly

Most garage doors have sturdy construction that does not get dents. However, this does not mean that all mechanical parts of the door are completely indestructible. One of the mistakes people make is carelessly backing up to enter and leave the garage. Your garage door will come off the tracks when you hit it repeatedly with your vehicle. You might be moving at a low speed, but the impact might still get the door off its tracks. Get a technician to check the damage and recommend the best solution.

When the Tracks Get Bent

Another common reason your garage door might come off its tracks is when they become bent. When the garage door opens, the horizontal tracks carry the entire weight of the door. Therefore, a minor impact on the door can make the tracks bend or break, especially when designed with low-gauge steel. The best way to avoid this damage is often by reinforcing them to prevent inward and outward swaying of the door.

When the Rollers Wear Out

Another indicator that you need to repair the garage door is when the rollers wear out. Most doors work, even when one of the rollers is damaged. However, you will be adding stress to the remaining rollers. The added strain and friction when closing and opening the door might affect weight-bearing capacity, forcing the door off the tracks.

When the Lift Cables Break

All doors have a lift cable on each side. The opener winds the cables on a drum, lifting the door, while unwinding closes the door. Trouble comes when the cables break since the door could snap and go off the tracks.

You should avoid attempting to repair your garage door without professional help. Instead, hire a garage door technician to help you manage the damage to the door. With their help, you will have a safe and functional garage door for years. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a garage door repair service.