4 Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

If you want to enjoy years with an uninterrupted smooth operation of your garage door, you will need to engage in regular maintenance. When it comes to taking care of your garage door, it is all about paying attention to the details. 

1. Keep the Tracks Clean 

The tracks are the hardware that your door runs along. You will want to keep the tracks free of debris and ensure that they don't rust. Take a rag and wipe them down, removing all dirt that can accumulate.  

When you clean the tracks, ensure that they are running upright and that there aren't any bumps or deviations. If you notice that the track is off, you will want to bring in a professional to adjust its levels. 

2. Keep the Hardware Tight 

Second, you are going to want to keep the hardware tight. When the door moves up and down, a lot of vibrations are created. All that vibration can loosen up the hardware. As such, be sure to get your screwdriver and tighten up all the hardware that holds the track in place and the hardware on the door. Check the brackets holding the tracks to the wall and ceiling as well. Things can get loose over time, so be sure to tighten them up a few times a year.  

3. Keep the Rollers Clean 

Third, you are going to want to keep the rollers clean. A clean roller will move smoother. Rollers can easily get damaged, so keep an eye out for cracks or chips to the rollers as you clean them. If the rollers are looking worn down, you will want to have a technician come in and replace them. You should never replace the rollers on the bottom bracket on your own, as they are connected to the lift cables and are under more tension than you would imagine.  

4. Lubricate Moving Parts 

Fourth, make sure you lubricate all moving parts to keep things rolling along smoothly. Consider using a white lithium grease lubricant on moving parts such as the hinges and rollers. Spray it on, and then remove any of the excess that drips off. This should keep things moving smoothly. 

Keep your garage door rolling smoothly by keeping it clean, lubricated, and tight. When you spot damage, bring in a professional to assist with the repairs. For more information and details, contact a garage door maintenance service.