4 Springtime Garage Door Maintenance Tasks

Garage doors are specifically designed to be able to withstand significant wear and tear. Because of this, a lot of homeowners tend to forget to maintain their garage doors. It should be part of a spring cleaning to-do list. After garage doors are exposed to winter weather, it is essential that garage doors undergo an inspection and routine maintenance to ensure that any repairs that are necessary are performed. If minor repairs can be performed early on, significant repair costs can be avoided. [Read More]

Five Good Reasons To Choose Motorized Patio Screens

A sweeping front or back patio can make a house more appealing and give you and your family a space to relax and to entertain. However, sometimes an open patio can get too hot and be overrun by bugs. Do you sacrifice the open-air feeling for the protection from insects? With motorized patio screens, you don't have to choose. What are motorized patio screens? Motorized patio screens can open and close with a command from your smartphone or another electronic device. [Read More]